Prime Meridian

Prime Meridian

$7.00eBook: $3.99
Publisher: Innsmouth Free Press
Publication Year: December 1, 2017 (Wide release July 2018)
ASIN: B077338PFK
ISBN: 9781927990216

The first novella by award-winning author Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
Love, life, dreams, and a world beyond reach.
“Really, this is one of the best novellas I’ve seen in 2017.” - Locus

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About the Book

The first novella by award-winning author Silvia Moreno-Garcia

With an introduction by Lavie Tidhar

Amelia dreams of Mars. The Mars of the movies and the imagination, an endless bastion of opportunities for a colonist with some guts. But she’s trapped in Mexico City, enduring the drudgery of an unkind metropolis, working as a rent-a-friend, selling her blood to old folks with money who hope to rejuvenate themselves with it, enacting a fractured love story. And yet there’s Mars, at the edge of the silver screen, of life.

Wide release July 2018.