First crime novel: Tidewrack

I have my first non-speculative book coming out next year. It’s a noir set in a Mexican shark fishing village in the 70s mixed with a dark coming of age story. The tentative release date is August 2020.

The official announcement reads:

Locus Award finalist and author of SIGNAL TO NOISE Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s first thriller, TIDEWRACK, set in Mexico in the 1970’s about a film-obsessed young woman who becomes infatuated with three American tourists who come to her sleepy seaside town, but when she lies to cover up a possible homicide she is caught in a chilling web of deceit and betrayal, to Chantelle Aimée Osman and Jason Pinter at Agora, by Eddie Schneider at JABberwocky (World English).

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