Latin Americans in English Language SFF List 2017

I had been talking with several writers who are members of a group on Facebook about starting a list to track all stories and novels by Latin American SFF authors. Voila, here it is! You can enter new info here. It may take a few minutes for your addition to show up.

This list is for any Latin American authors including: people born and raised in Latin America but now living in another part of the world, people with Latin American parents or heritage, people who identify with the terms Latinx, Chicano or Chicana, etc.

We hope to eventually have a website with more resources for Latin American authors. This is just a first baby step, but I thought we should take it and then embark on the harder path to a full website. Please help us populate the list, right now we entered about 11 books or stories but we want to track everything we can. We are focusing on SFF in English because that’s the language most of us on the Facebook group work in, but if this goes well we could eventually track works in other languages, including Spanish.

While I was trying to find if there was an example of a similar list I came upon a few interesting projects, which have served as inspiration to me:

Also thanks to La Bloga and Rudy Ch Garcia. Rudy is the one who got the Facebook group I mentioned started.

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