More Thoughts on Marriage

Question: When was a girl in Medieval England a spinster? What about Regency England? And Victorian England? Last time I discussed European marriage customs (women were more likely to be…

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The Problem With Juliet

Argument: Early teenage sex and marriage were common in Medieval Europe, as in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet where the heroine is 13 going on 14. Fictional portrayals, such as Game…

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There's a Kickstarter for a Lovecraft fairy anthology on right now. I'm one of the writers for this. So, go support it then come back and read this rant. Okay?…

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People Person
The "roller-coaster" continues.

People Person

I've never been a people person. I hate most people and can't understand the rest. I'm naturally shy. I perfected the art of standing in a corner and having a…

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Fund Me
Photo by Scott Kinmartin Flickr CC.

Fund Me

Dearly beloved followers, I am planning to write a super sexy dinosaur porn book that will make me a billionaire. However, until that time happens, I could use $2 to…

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