State of Latinx Writing 2018

I have been keeping track of all speculative fiction published by Latin American/Latinx/Chicano writers published in 2018 in English. Caveats: I asked people to submit their own work and added works I…

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Gods of Jade and Shadow

My next novel, Gods of Jade and Shadow, is out August 2019. From the promotional copy: The Mayan God of Death sends a young woman on a harrowing, life-changing journey.…

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Close Cover Before
Flickr: Rob Howard.

Close Cover Before

If you like this story buy my books. Close Cover Before By Silvia Moreno-Garcia It’s all in the smile. If they smile back, you got them hooked. They smile back,…

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Songs for Beautiful Ones

  Some people write and they have special playlists and all kinds of elaborate stuff. I don't. I tend to be obsessive compulsive and need to listen to the same…

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