Signal to Noise: Fern
Sanjay ach, CC.

Signal to Noise: Fern

This won't make sense if you haven't read Signal to Noise. Also, no, there won't be a sequel. But look for my second novel Certain Dark Things next year!  …

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Vampires and more
Flickr, Creative Commons, Fenris Oswin

Vampires and more

Quick reminder: She Walks in Shadows, the first all-woman Lovecrafty antho is on pre-sale in print and also for the Kindle and Smashwords. So some of you already know this…

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Everyone’s a critic

Reviews for my upcoming novel, Signal to Noise (have you bought a copy?) are beginning to pop up. Publisher's Weekly says "This accurate depiction of outcast teenage life cycles effortlessly…

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The Yellow Door

My short story "The Yellow Door," about a mahjong parlor, appears in the anthology Dangerous Games out this December. And like everything else I write it's based on true stuff.…

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Signal to Noise: A Brief Story

When I wrote my novel Signal to Noise, back then titled Sound Fidelity, I made a halfhearted attempt at finding an agent but after querying a handful of people I…

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