Selected reviews and columns

  • How Aztec Mexico was lost in translation: a wild novel revises the Spanish conquest (Los Angeles Times, 2023)
  • The weird, the wacky, the underappreciated: A new look at science fiction and fantasy (Washington Post, 2019)
  • In ‘Automatic Eve,’ Steampunk Meets ‘Blade Runner’ — In Japan (NPR, 2019)
  • ‘The Wolf And The Watchman’ Has Some Serious Bite (NPR, 2019)
  • Unseen Forces Menace ‘The Houseguest.’ The Houseguest and Other Stories, Amparo Davila. (NPR, 2018)
  • ‘City Of Ash And Red’ Will Pull You Into Its Nightmare. City of Ash and Red, Hye-young Pyun. (NPR, 2018)
  • ‘Flights’ Is A Trip, If You Like Wandering Off The Edges Of The Map.  Flights, Olga Tokarczuk. (NPR, 2018)
  • Step Away From The ‘Trauma Buffet’ With These 5 Beach Reads By Authors Of Color (NPR, 2018)

Selected essays and other writing

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