Savage Everything

Last month, close to Canadian Thanksgiving which people in the US call Columbus Day, I read some stories about people who wanted to change the name of the holiday from Columbus Day to something else. A few days later I read about insensitive Halloween costumes, including “Native American” ones. And, coincidentally, around that time I also read about the missing First Nations women in Canada. Recently, our new prime minister appointed two First Nations MPS to his cabinet: Jody Wilson-Raybould was appointed justice minister, while Hunter Tootoo is the minister of fisheries and the Canadian Coast Guard.

While I was reading about all that I ran into a book cover of a romance novel with the word “Savage” and the image of a Native American person on it. I was going to write an essay about this but I decided instead to collect a bunch of covers using the words “savage” or “wild.” I offer them to you below. You can make your own commentary and thoughts about them.

[av_masonry_gallery ids=’3691,3690,3684,3683,3682,3676,3677,3678,3679,3675,3674,3673,3672,3671,3670′ items=’24’ columns=’3′ paginate=’pagination’ size=’fixed masonry’ gap=’no’ overlay_fx=” caption_elements=’none’ caption_display=’always’ container_links=’active’ id=”]

Oh. Here’s a 2015 Harlequin release btw. There’s now two ‘Native’ people on the cover. Ah…progress? Sorry, I can’t keep a straight face.

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