She Walks In Shadows

What is She Walks in Shadows?

The first all-woman Lovecraftian anthology. You can help fund it here:

Why did you decide to do this?

Do girls just not like to play with squids? That’s the question an editor asked on Facebook, wondering about the lack of female writers in his TOC. What followed was a long discussion on Lovecraftian fiction and women, and the need for an answer.

At first I threw the idea of collaborating on a book of Lovecraftian fiction by women on Facebook and it seemed like it could be a small project between friends. But somehow the word spread and suddenly I was getting dozens of messages and e-mails from women asking if they could contribute to the project. I realized that there were a lot of women who were suddenly very interested in getting together. These responses prompted me to crowdfund an anthology.

No, but seriously. This is not a problem these days. Everyone knows women write Lovecraftian stories. So why are you doing it?

Not everyone knows. In the aforementioned Facebook thread and in other conversations it became clear many people could not name two women who had written Lovecraftian women. Moreover, people said women didn’t write Lovecraftian fiction for odd reasons. For example, women, went the claim, like to write romance and Lovecraftian fiction does not allow for romantic elements. Or women, some said, simply do not read Lovecraft.

But women  do  read, write and discuss Lovecraftian fiction. They, may, however, not figure very prominently in some editors Rolodex (or Gmail contact list, whatever). She Walks in Shadows will allow women to showcase their work and gain wider recognition.

You know, people don’t care about having a certain percentage of women in a TOC and that’s why you can have very lopsided anthologies or anthologies where there is not a single woman. If the market doesn’t care about this, why should you care?

Since this is an IndieGoGo it is very market-driven. If people don’t care to read more fiction by women, it won’t be funded.

How did you get the women listed in the IndieGoGo page to contribute to this anthology? Will there be more women who can contribute if this gets funded?

I asked writers I know or were recommended to me using Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. We’ll have an open reading period later on but I wanted to get some people on board for sure.

Why is there a name of a character next to each writer?

Each writer invited to the anthology picked or was assigned a woman who appears in one of Lovecraft’s stories. This was done to avoid the Asenath issue, that is, to have everyone writing about the most prominent woman in Lovecraft’s fiction. Tackling obscure characters should be pretty fun, too, since they provide a blank slate.

I don’t want to donate through IndieGoGo. Can I get money to you some other way?

You can contribute via PayPal by e-mailing

Who are you?

I’m a writer, editor and micro-publisher. The latest thing I worked on was Dead North, a Canadian zombie anthology, but I am the owner of Innsmouth Free Press and I’ve produced several Weird and Lovecraftian books through IFP.

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