The Beautiful Ones is out today

The Beautiful Ones, originally released four years ago, makes a return to bookstores today. Available in paperback, e-book and audio courtesy of Tor, it’s proof that a writer’s career is not like going up an escalator, but more like running on a treadmill. That is to say: who knew my older books would get a new lease on life! The novel is a stately novel of manners heavy on the romance and the drama, and light on the fantastic. Fans of Bridgerton and costume dramas should feel at home.


  • School Library Journal: “This novel of manners presents carefully crafted characters with nuanced motivations to rival any Thomas Hardy classic.”
  • Library Journal: “A novel that is light on fantasy but overflowing with delicious melodrama … a great fit for fans of the 18th-century French classic Les Liaisons Dangereuses.”
  • Locus: “Readers who enjoy light speculative elements, historical fantasy, romance, and beautiful prose will find a trove.”


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