The Beautiful Ones

Yeah, so I have a new book coming out October 2017. I can show you the cover but they haven’t written copy to promote it, so I’ll try to explain what it’s about very quickly. This is a romance, a novel of manners, with a bit of a fantasy element. Told from three alternating points of view, it revolves around the courtship of a young woman with telekinetic powers.

The opening lines are these:

“Hector was like a castaway who had washed up on a room of velvet curtains and marble floors. The revelers might as well have been wild animals ready to tear off a chunk of his flesh.

He felt utterly lost, alien and alone.

As Hector watched from a corner of the room, ladies and gentlemen partnered to dance, women fanned themselves and smiled, and men greeted each other with a tilt of the head.

He had attended many glittering balls, but none in this city. He knew no one except for Etienne and Luc, and he was waiting with breathless expectation for the arrival of Valerie Beaulieu.”

It is different from my previous work, the noirish vampire book Certain Dark Things and the urban fantasy where teens cast magic with vinyl records, Signal to Noise.

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