The Jewish Mexican Literary Review

What is Jewish and Mexican? Lavie Tidhar and me! And we have put together a new magazine called The Jewish Mexican Literary Review, which you can find at This eclectic creation offers fiction, poetry, reviews and art. We have poetry by Bryan Thao Worra and Ng Yi-Sheng, fiction from Nelly Geraldine Garcia Rosas (Spanish and English) and Shimon Adaf (Hebrew and English), Naomi Alderman and Kuzhali Manickavel. Plus David Bowles with a Nahuatl dictionary, reviews by Molly Tanzer and Orrin Grey, and an interview with Canadian artist Jason Wright discussing food and art.

Lavie Tidhar described it as:

Jews! Mexicans! Bacon! Poetry! Multiple award winning authors! Imaginary films! Politics! Pornography! And zombies!

That’s a pretty snappy and apt summary of it. Check it out. If you like our work, please buy our books or review them. I also have a Patreon or you can send me PayPal money.