World Fantasy Award Winner

On Sunday, my plan was to start baking bread for the Day of the Dead. I thought this would be my big accomplishment. Then I heard Paula R.Stiles and I had won a World Fantasy Award for editing the all-woman Lovecraft anthology She Walks in Shadows. This is awesome because I not only worked editing this book, I published it through my micro-press Innsmouth Free Press. We raised some of the money for it via IndieGoGo. I laid the damn thing with my two tiny hands. Paula and I spent many evenings packing books into envelopes and shipping them off.

Honestly, we started this book as a dare. Which is how I do most things in my life. The dare came about because some people were saying women don’t write Lovecraftian or even Weird fiction. We decided to prove them wrong.

Then people started talking about the book and some folks were mad. I got an e-mail accusing us of “menstruating” all over Lovecraft with the anthology. I’m not even sure what that means, but there you go. Some more angry comments followed.

Then it came out and we had some nice reviews. Prime Books bought rights to reprint it in the USA under the title Cthulhu’s Daughters. Several of the authors had their stories featured or mentioned in Year’s Best anthologies. I thought we’d reached the top.

And then it won an award!

We are so, so happy.

If you liked the book, Paula blogs regularly, so check her writing, and she’s always looking for freelance work as an editor. The writers and illustrators are too many to mention here, but they have websites and social media accounts and they’ll be happy to hear from you if you enjoyed their work.

And thanks everyone. For all the support.

Oh, by the way, I think this makes me the first Mexican to win a World Fantasy Award. I haven’t checked to see how many Latinos have won it. At any rate, I’m first at something. If it turns out I’m not, at least I believed I was first for a few minutes.

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